Digital Outfitter Package

Our core offering is to assist you with establishing a strong online presence as easily as possible. Acting as your Digital Outfitter, we do most of the legwork so that your journey into the digital wilderness is smooth and efficient. 

Our Digital Outfitter Package is suitable for those starting from scratch or needing a complete digital overhaul.


A complete website or e-commerce site build – mobile friendly (incl. 1 year of software licensing)
Domain name (1 year)
Website hosting (1 year)
Gsuite Email hosting (1 year)
Basic content including stock images and copywriting* (some info to be supplied by you)
Basic Search Engine Optimisation
Google My Business setup
Mailing list set up (Mailchimp)
User manual relevant to updating content on your website
Setting up social media accounts (FB, Insta, Twitter)

Helping you navigate the
digital wilderness.

What we do.

Venturing into digital marketing requires planning and preparation just like any expedition into the wilderness. You’ll have a hard time getting to your destination without first mapping out a route, orientating yourself and ensuring that you have the right resources to complete the journey. Sometimes though, you need the help of an experienced guide to help navigate unfamiliar territory.

Kaimai Media is your guide to the digital wilderness.

Together, we’ll discover what your goals are with your brand and then tailor a digital media strategy that suits you. We’ll work with you to ensure that you understand each part of the proposed project, what technology is required and what costs are involved. Our aim is to make the process as easy as possible for you.

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High quality, professional images will always have a significant impact on the presentation of your brand. Original photos that capture the essence of a moment will help draw your audience in, eager to know more about your story.

Kaimai Media specialises in adventure and lifestyle photography.

Whether you’re in pursuit of a trophy animal, attempting a first ascent or rafting unchartered waters… we’ll be there to document the experience and help you share those unique moments with your audience. As experienced outdoorsman, we’re self-sufficient and confident in juggling the demands of the wilderness while behind the lens, so there’s no additional burden or distraction when you need to focus on the task at hand.

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Websites are essential for building the credibility of your brand, driving new customers to your business and directing visitors¬†towards the result you want – whether that’s an online purchase, booking an event or just arming them with key information prior to them getting in touch.

Kaimai Media is your one-stop-shop for a website that speaks to your audience, generates leads and grows your business. 

There are many components to an effective website: the content must be relevant and informative, the layout must make it easy for visitors to get the information they need, the graphics must align with your brand, search engines (like Google) need to be able to find you. We’re able to handle as much or as a little as you need to make the process as easy as possible.

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Building a community around your brand is essential for creating long-lasting relationships with your target audience. Social media campaigns can pay massive dividends by creating true fans of your brand that are genuinely interested and deeply engaged in the content you provide.

Kaimai Media can help you establish a community, keep your followers engaged and produce ongoing content.

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