Digital media for people who prefer to be outdoors.

Helping you navigate the
digital wilderness.

Whether you’re an explorer, guide, hunting or fishing club, outdoors educator, outfitter, photographer or retailer; we know you’d rather be experiencing the outdoors than worrying about Insta-thingys and Google-whatsits… 

Kaimai Media provides a one stop shop to get your brand out into the world. We remove the complexity of digital media and make the process simple for you. All you need to do is tell us the message you want to send and who you want it to reach – we’ll do the rest.

What we do.

Websites are essential for building the credibility of your brand, driving new customers to your business and directing visitors towards the result you want – whether that’s an online purchase, booking an event or simply arming them with key information.

It doesn’t need to be fancy but there a few key components to an effective website: the content must be relevant and informative, the layout must make it easy for visitors to get the result they’re after, the graphics must align with your brand and search engines (like Google) need to be able to find you.

We specialise in helping new outdoor brands with their websites by acting as a sort of “Digital Outfitter” – using simple, proven tools and a well navigated roadmap, we’ll do most of the legwork so that your journey into the digital wilderness is smooth and efficient.

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At Kaimai Media, we specialise in putting together quality content that speaks to your audience and is tailored for the platforms that best suit them.


Writing original, tailored content for your audience is essential to staying relevant, building credibility and showcasing your expertise. We’re able to provide long-form articles for your blog, short snippets for social media, transcribe podcast episodes or even just edit existing articles you’ve put together yourself.


High quality, professional images will always have a significant impact on the presentation of your business. Photos that capture the essence of your brand will help draw your audience in, eager to know more about your story. We can accompany you as dedicated photographers on your expeditions, do in-studio product shots or supply stock images from our own adventures.

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